The Brothers Quay at MoMA

Two days ago Fisk realized it was the last week the see the Brothers Quay exhibit at MoMa. So we and some friends headed over and pleased our eyes with the many works of Brothers Quay. 

The exhibition had many rooms for watching the excellently constructed stop animations, prints and drawings by both brothers, physical sets where the scenes were shot, many dolls, book covers and posters that were designed, and one of the most interesting - a video of various TV commercials the brothers had made.

Special moments were: a drawing of acrobats with limbs being torn off, a print of a man pooping in some grotesque scene, and a drawing of Christ on the crucifix with only the body around his famous wounds present and tacked down. Definitely good fodder for creepy and morbid aesthetics. 

The amount of detail in their sets and puppets were endlessly fascinating.  Most of us agreed on the way out of the exhibition that we could have spent a lot more time watching all of the films. Fisk was kind enough to remind us that he owns most of the films presented in the exhibition - another compliment to Fisk's amazing movie collection.

In the basement portion of the exhibition, many sets were present inside black boxes that could be peered into through a magnifying glass. This created a interesting depth to the works and gave you a real sense of looking into the world of another's mind. 

I'm very glad we were able to see the show before it closed! It's rare that such a large exhibition of works from two stop animators would be so generously displayed. I'm certain there will be a Brothers Quay movie night in our future. What would be the perfect dinner for such a creepy night? Black spiced Chicken? Who knows, but the food and films will both be delicious. 

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