Nurture Art: Siobhan McBride

Also in the exciting 56 Bogart building in Brooklyn is NUTUREart. This basement gallery space has a wonderful show,"Never While You're Sleeping...", featuring a series of small paintings by Siobhan McBride.  These scenes captured a rare sense of disconnectedness through the articulation of opposing realities.  Light and space felt real in few places whilst next to floating heads and flat shapes. Especially compelling was the strength and mood of color - enhancing a quiet uneasiness. 


Diana Cherbuliez

While checking out the 56 Bogart building last week, my friend Jen and I came upon THEODORE:Art .  It was a great gallery and I adored these sculptures by Diana Cherbuliez.  The layers of mirrored glass give a nostalgic depth to the familiar hues of green and white shapes.  Active and golden filled molars make their adventure through the seemingly endless reflected landscape.  Luckily there are many more images here of work.  Looking forward to seeing more.  


Two Sides Art Show

Last night Aimee and I participated in a small pop up show called Two Sides. It was a lot of fun to see people from Full Circle come out to say hello to us and the art work!  Many thanks to Rochelle for organizing the show and all the friends that came out! It's always fun to participate in group events - especially with good friends. You can check out more of Aimee's awesome work here.  XO

Tracey Emin Times Square

Last week my good friend Felicia and her awesome boyfriend Ian were in town and they, Fisk and I all went out to check out the display of Tracey Emin's work in Times Square.  Every night in February at exactly 11:57 pm Time Square fills up with Emin's wonderful neon works. Emin's work is great enough on its own, but it was such a special treat to see it on some of New York's most expensive real estate. Gorgeous. 

Tuesday Aviva and I went to see Tegan and Sara play at the Beacon Theater and it was fun. 

 ...even more awesome, the opening band DIANA.
Seriously, kill me - they were amazing live.

Tegan & Sara.
So good.



Fisk, Alise, Nate and I have taken a trip to the Catskills to enjoy the Winter before it's over. The timing couldn't have been better, since we all had a long week and Nemo left enough snow to make it perfect. Today we ran around the Minnewaska State Park and saw this incredible waterfall.  We'll be enjoying the rest of the weekend with delicious food and absinthe! Time to catch up on some reading... and with luck, more posts soon! It's been a busy month...


STUDIO TIME: Brooklyn Art Space

I haven't said much about my residency, but a lot of good things have come of it. I've met some really great artists who make wonderful work, spent hours in the studio making new work, and have had interesting and fun conversations about art. I'll try to stop neglecting this blog. Here are a few works that I've made since being in the space. 

These are some rough images of where my ideas are at this point. I am in the middle of some larger paintings which will make themselves more clear in the days to come.  For now I've also been prioritizing proposals for group shows with new friends. Brooklyn Art Space has also chosen to feature me as an artist on their website, so at some point this or next month I'll be on the internet talking about you know what. I'm still reading The Story of Art, and also plowing through some great articles from the latest ArtForum, so there will be more posts about those soon! Butts. 


BAS: Winter Member Salon

February 1st was the opening of the Winter Member Salon at Brooklyn Art Space. It was a lot of fun and really great to be in a group show with new artist friends.  Rhia was a wonderful yet surprising host when she told us that we would have to speak about our art to the crowd! I got nervous but luckily Fisk and Myla were there to cheer me on.  I haven't spoken much about how the residency is going, but for the moment, this is alright.  I'd like to make a decent amount of work and then show you whats up. Good things.