STUDIO TIME: Brooklyn Art Space

I haven't said much about my residency, but a lot of good things have come of it. I've met some really great artists who make wonderful work, spent hours in the studio making new work, and have had interesting and fun conversations about art. I'll try to stop neglecting this blog. Here are a few works that I've made since being in the space. 

These are some rough images of where my ideas are at this point. I am in the middle of some larger paintings which will make themselves more clear in the days to come.  For now I've also been prioritizing proposals for group shows with new friends. Brooklyn Art Space has also chosen to feature me as an artist on their website, so at some point this or next month I'll be on the internet talking about you know what. I'm still reading The Story of Art, and also plowing through some great articles from the latest ArtForum, so there will be more posts about those soon! Butts. 

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