ICA: Boston

Last weekend Fisk and I adventured to Boston. I've never been, so it was a blast for me. Here is our trip to the Institute of Contemporary Art. It was free admission the night we went, so we felt pretty lucky.
ICA has a pretty gorgeous building. It was snowing when we went!

The works above were all done by Doris Salcedo. 
"When a person disappears, everything becomes impregnated with that person's presence.  Every single object as well as space is a reminder of that person's absence, as if absence were stronger than presence."  Salcedo is successful in creating works that carry the weight of a person within them.  There were moments on each piece of furniture that really spoke to an individuals imperfection.

ICA has this great media center that looks down into the water. It's like a scary dream really, like you could fall right into it. It was mesmerizing. They had pillows that matched my outfit, so then Fisk took a photo of my blue blue yellow yellow. 

Mickalene Thomas
I was not supposed to take a photo of this painting. The artist had an image of her work taken and then copied into a print that was apparently wheat pasted all over NYC. I was going to leave it out, then realized there are hundreds of her photos on the internet. 

 Tara Donovan
This work blew a lot of people's minds.  It was made entirely of pins, so of course I had to ask how it was made.  Slow pouring! It's very heavy. Then some jokers asked what would happen if they ran into it, the attendant was very polite and said that the sculpture is extremely heavy and holds up pretty well.  Seems like a painful thing to run into!

Looking out over the water, again ICA has some amazing views.

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