PAX EAST also happened last weekend! I've never been to a huge video game convention, so it was absolutely crazy fun to try out these fantastic new games, attend informative panels, play table top games, and play rock band. The ratio of devices to internet wifi was a joke & our airbnb had an ethernet cable (seriously, our devices didn't even have an option to accept a cable) so all these great photos are courtesy of Fisk.  Here are some of the photos from our epic 3 day gaming festivities.

 There was a classic arcade set up with pinball and all sorts of other games.

 The amazing Paul, Rebecca & Brett were there too!

 Game Theory!

 A weird dolphin cupcake worth noting...

 Tear Away!

 Just kissing zombies.

 All the table top games!

 Our Rock Band: Super Lickers, or something..Super Lincoln, Super Lincoln Lickers??

 Cookie Brigade.

 The descent into the BCEC

 Pin collecting.

Annihilating dinosaurs. Duh, it was fun.

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