The Armory: 2013

Fisk and I cruised through the Armory this last Friday.  We found many of the usual works of art, featuring neon, mirrors, and digital photoshop prints.  I found myself wondering; how do works of art stand out in situations like these?  Below is an attempt at the answer, works that struck our fancy in the middle of this giant group exhibition. 

Lance Armstrong, 2013  Jim Torok
 This little Lance was the first painting that I loved in our visit.  At about 4 x 5 inches, this painting made very little of such a big scandal - which I clearly thought was amusing. 

Patrick Jacobs
PIEROGI also had these small scenes, tiny windows of algae and mushrooms among tiny blades of grass. Fisk and I thought the icing on the cake would have been some moving clouds in the distance, and evidence of wind. Peering into these holes felt so close to being real that imagining both was not a disservice to the work. 

The Kiss Was Beautiful, Tracey Emin

Geometric Primitives, Ryan McGinness

Taffel (Undead), Bjorn Basen
The paintings by Bjorn Basen were especially wonderful. Well painted with a strong color palette, and small details in shadows that were incredible to see and enjoy. The subject matter felt contemporary yet antiquated at the same time - such parallels I always feel a fan of.  There was text on each painting, which I am at a loss for, since I do not speak the language of which it was written. Excellent paintings. 

Pussy Painting #16, Betty Tompkins
This little painting was a nice way the end the trip. Having seen this on the internet more than once seeing it in person was a treat.  

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