Douglas Kolk @ Fredericks & Freiser, Will Kurtz @ Mike Weiss Gallery


It is worth knowing that Douglas Kolk was successfully showing work in the 90's, only to cease making work to attend to his own drug addiction before beginning  to make work again in 2004. This information is not hidden in any press release, nor do I believe it should be. Knowing this makes it very easy to attribute many of the circumstances and situations within his drawings to real life experience. Two dogs are fighting, a man states that he is the prince of demons, and many other alarming scenarios float through your minds eye along with chaotic vibrant colors.  Only Kolk himself will know which scenes are imagined and which really happened, but the ambiguous unknown and possible reality of it makes the experience worth happening.  It seems Kolk may feel similar of his addiction escapade as well, since it is appearing as his main show. 


It is difficult not to love a space where signs ask parents to ensure that their children do not touch a work of art.  That a work of art would so readily inspire a child to run up to it and feel it speaks to the general surprise of Kurtz well made paper sculptures.  Each of the scenes Kurtz created is well recognized around the city, various dogs doing various dog things. The work was endlessly entertaining to dissect with your eye, finding featured articles and colors over the shape and anatomy of each animal.  

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