Zhang Xiaogang @ PACE & Andrew Kuo @ Marlborough Chelsea


The heavy handed eyes and subject matter within Xiaogang's work leaves little opportunity to feel alone or without presence within PACE.  Most noticeable are the focus of characters that accurately describe the awkward relationship between the vast change of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the inner psychological/outer bodily change of ones adolescence.  Feelings of vulnerability, and the sturdy nature of busts create misgivings about the future within this world.  The press release offered the sincere notion that Zhang Xiaogang has, "established himself as one of the most important Chinese contemporary painters, whose figurative works delve into the human psyche, exploring personal and collective memory in the wake of the Cultural Revolution."  I would be hard pressed to disagree. 


It may be a little difficult to read the descriptions underneath each painting from the photos above, but it would be well worth enlarging the photo to do so. Kuo has aligned various thoughts to each color that weave themselves around each other. This precise yet complicated interaction reflects well on the complicated nature of life.   What really enhanced the exacting lines of most of the paintings were the various small paintings where freer lines and marks were made.  What could first be interpreted as a completely abstract paintings floats near the description of a head looking away once the lines of glasses are recognized.  It's a nice journey within each work. 

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