Fisk and I went to Austin for the Brewskee Ball National Championships!   We had an absolutely incredible time.  We had delicious Mexican food and tried an amazing avocado margarita. I waited in line for 3 hours to try Franklin BBQ - and it was worth every minute, seriously the best BBQ of my entire life.  Seeing our extended BBNC family was such a blast. Everyone rolled their heart out and did such an amazing job. 

We murdered pinatas, saw a ton of bats fly into the night, had many drinks, went to the Capitol, went to a couple art museums (post about that soon!), slid down the slip and slide, and spent some serious quality time with the best people on earth.  To top it off, our dear friends Snakes won the Rollers Tournament!  It's great to have one of your good friends crowned the best roller in the United States.  Fisk and I are heading back to NYC, back to real life.   

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