Gabriel Barcia-Colombo / Joanne Greenbaum / Steven Parrino in the LES.

Tomorrow Fisk and I are going to Austin, TX for the Brewskee Ball National Championship. I'm really excited about getting out of the city for a week and enjoying the hot (& hopefully dry) weather down there.  My only goals for this trip are: Art going, Skeeball, Tex Mex, and BBQ. With any luck, I'll turn a little brown. This last weekend I was able to sneak in a stroll through the Lower East Side.  The next few posts will feature my findings. 

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo at Muriel Guepin Gallery

This collection of sculptures by Barcia-Colombo were fun to look at, and also interactive.  All works featured a projection into some glass that allowed each container to feature a person stuck inside each bottle.  The blender also featured a projection, though when you turned the blender on the woman inside spun around, and when you stopped she fell to the floor from exhaustion.  The works were enjoyable, but the lighting wasn't ideal.  Maybe I'm just spoiled on how well done projection is at Disneyland.  I mean, were these as believable as ghosts in the Haunted Mansion? Not really. 

Joanne Greenbaum 

I really loved these seemingly wonky sculptures by Greenbaum.  The rough texture next to the slick and shiny paint  dripping down the sides creates a nice relationship.  The shapes and structures are varied enough to create a movement that pulls you around each work. Crude mark making allows these works to feel very honest, while composition and physicality make for solid compositions. 

Steven Parrino

About six or seven of these drawings were shown with the work of Greenbaum.  These energetic works featured Duct Tape and a vivid red paint that cannot avoid a comparison to blood. The tearing and taping of the work evokes a sense of something that cannot be repaired, as if the culmination of these works onto their paper and into their frames was the absolute best that could be done.

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