James Victore: Aphorisms on Art & Idea Execution

I never blog about the art that comes through the Ace Hotel, which may or may not be ridiculous seeing as I've been working there for about a year and half.  I suppose I figure they've got it covered, but this particular show I enjoyed very much.  Victore describes his work as "part Darth Vader, part Yoda," which can hardly be argued with, as so many of his phrases fall into categories of good and evil.  The active slogans of sorts are inspirational, better yet you can take the essence of them with you - stickers are provided for anyone to tear off and wear around, or place in a pivotal part of one's daily sites. It's a great show, but who knows,  I've been really into orange neon lately and the bright orange text seems to gratify my desire. Maybe I'm needing to watch the 5th element so I can stare obsessively into Lilu Dallas' great hair.  Warrior not worrier. Yes please.  The show is up until May 25th.

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