Spring Salon @ Trestle Gallery

Myself, in front of Chain Chomp

Jillian, Myself, and Myla!

Myla with her great painting.

The opening at Trestle Gallery last Friday was a blast. It was great be with many of the residents I hadn't seen in a while.  Jillian came out to the show, and having her around always makes my day.  Fisk of course was there as well. :)  Rhia is always great about letting each artist say one or two things about the work they have up. It's great public speaking practice, & for anyone who knows me, knows that practice is what I need! I get nervous nervous.  Fisk and Myla convinced me that I didn't embarrass myself and we all went out for dinner after, where we were too loud, but didn't care.  Oh! All pics courtesy of the amazing Fisk. 

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