ARTHOUSE: Austin, Texas

Temporary Insanity: Pinaree Sanpitak 
I could tell that this installation was interactive from afar. The way the works were spaced onto the ground, lent themselves to be walked through quite easily.  Different sound decibals triggered motions in the pear shaped pillows allowing them to take on a life.  This movement for me, couldn't be separated from the many science fiction monster movies where hundreds of alien eggs scatter the ground of Madison Square Garden, breathing and waiting for someone to take a wrong step. From the artist statement, "For Sanpitak the meaning beyond the movement connects the individual with the collective, the spiritual with a sense of community and the world around us." The orange color of the Thai silk, a reference to clothing of Buddhist priests, promotes meditation.  I did not feel a strong spiritual connection between myself and the community, but the tranquility of the installation as well as the organic shapes of the sculptures did facilitate a peace of mind. 

 Constructed Lanscapes: Seher Shah
These black and white works with their stark black shapes against dense mapping created some fun games for your eyes to participate within.  The black shapes act as interruptions to the space, at the same time become places to rest from the active details in the grids and dense landscape below.  These works also felt incredibly formal, paying respect to composition, shape, as well as directionals.  

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