Austin, TX: Blanton Museum of Art

Jorge Eielson, Quipus 58 B,1966-68

Adolph Gottlieb, Cadmium Red Above Black, 1959

Romulo Maccio, Vivir: A los saltos, 1964

Cildo Meireles

Yayoi Kusama, Japan, 1929

Detail of Progress II

Luis Jimenez, Progress II, 1976/1999

When in Austin, Fisk and I were lucky enough to enjoy some quiet time at the Blanton Museum of Art.  To our surprise, we found some really great works there.  Some people may have been surprised that we wanted to see art, coming from someplace like New York where great art is plentiful, but I just can't imagine a nice vacation without checking out local art.  The installation by Cildo Meireles was very exciting to walk through. The kind of light the pennies radiated was very captivating. To end our viewing, there was a fantastic video by Liliana Porter called, "Drum Solo". It featured a series of scenarios acted out by still life. It was my favorite work of art in the entire museum.  I am definitely keeping an eye for more work by this great artist. 

Liliana Porter

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