James Turrell @ the Guggenheim

James Turrell, Aten Reign, 2013
James Turrell, Aten Reign, 2013
Today is the opening of James Turrell's new work, so Fisk and I spent our Summer Soltice afternoon uptown at the Guggenheim.   We found some seats and stared up into another universe for an hour and a half before the Museum began to close.  

Initially your experience is one of awe, then your eyes adjust.  Sitting through one iteration of changing colors, one begins to feels mesmerized before another transition begins.  Fisk and I soon realized that there was little pattern in the transitioning color.  After about 15 minutes you begin to understand the subtlety of the changing colors.  It becomes more difficult to consider things like time or place when each wave of color alters your perspective so heavily. 

The guards were strict about the no photography rule, which is an honorable thing to be strict about, however futile it may be.  The internet already has quite of few images of this work.   It feels unimportant that guards are stopping people from taking photos because being there for longer than a few minutes one readily understands that this work in not one that a photo could ever capture.

The way this work pushes you through mental exploration, bizarre emotive transitions, and other worldly destinations, one knows that they are encountering a work of higher authority. 

Viewing this was an orgasm for your eyes that you may only see once in a lifetime.  To say that I highly recommended it would be the understatement of the Summer. 

James Turrell, Aten Reign, 2013. Daylight and LED light. Temporary site-specific installation, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York © James Turrell. Photo: David Heald © SRGF

James Turrell, Aten Reign, 2013

James Turrell, Aten Reign, 2013

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