Jennifer Wynne Reeves @ Brooklyn Art Space

Jennifer Wynne Reeves gave a small performance at Brooklyn Art Space last night.  She read some narrative/autobiographical short and emotional summaries alongside a 45 minute slide show of her work.  She had a few works from childhood and college, while the bulk of the work is from her more developed periods towards her present day art making. 

Many of her writings correlated directly to phrasing in her paintings.  The writings were somewhat sexual at times, while mostly being about losing love and the complicated nature of relationships. My favorite anecdote was when she described a spider who have decided to make it's web inside of her sink.  She gave the creature 24 hours before using a napkin to take the spider outside. 

This performance was enjoyable, as was seeing so many of her works.  The Q & A left a little to be desired- perhaps I was looking for too many specific answers.  One aspect of Reeves' work that I enjoy are her compositions, how some of them really seem to fit within modern ideas of formalism, while other compositions are more contemporary working entirely outside the rules of formalism.  I would have loved to hear more about how she thinks about editing, and how she thinks about creating such different compositions, though she only relented that most decisions are based on her mood. 

Altogether, another good talk from Brooklyn Art Space. 

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