William Carroll @ Brooklyn Art Space

Last night Bill Carroll came out to Brooklyn Art Space to chat with us about Art.  He spoke well about his life in the art world - as a gallerist, curator, and artist of many accomplishments.  Carroll brings us his work directly from the hours long walking tours he takes within New York City. He finds those special shapes of the city and turns them into simple yet classic works of art.  Carroll spoke a lot of how he loves pairing things down - his talk seemed to be a reflection of that, it was not too long, had all the details you needed, with enough time after for Q & A.

After the talk Lindsay and I (we missed Jen!) had an important #BOBCollective meeting where we chatted about the state of the art world.  We've got ideas, now we've got to figure out how to put them in play! For, you know, fun's sake.  It was a fun night.   #ButtsOnButts4Ever

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