Trestle: The Fourth Dimension

Fisk and I attended this opening last week and we loved it.  Each of the artists had work that was strange & full of symbols that conveyed a unique meaning to each of the works. 

Chitra Ganesh

This video oscillated between beautifully vibrant landscape and strange sexual places.  It referenced a variety of cultures, from the third eye to a hookah like object that found its way inside of the woman's vagina.  It was an odd but intriguing sequence of events.

William Villalongo

This video combined a contemporary native aesthetic with poetry and imagery that created a somber and thoughtful point of view.  What was especially wonderful were the points where the notion of painting was referenced, a character wears a canvas on her head, a bucket of seemingly organic pigmented material is thrown at a canvas in the woods.  Each reminded the viewer of the fine art context of this work while keeping the viewer focused on the video. 

Trenton Doyle Hancock

This projected video was beautiful, mostly in ways that are difficult to describe.  This was not an HD video, but in some sense, I enjoyed that very much.  The figures were dancing, and their lack of focus combined with the vivacity of their costumes allowed them to appear as if they were glowing.  This moved them the realm of reality into one of magical creatures that possessed a fluidity of movement and grace.  The story itself was not so clear, but the intimate moment that each of the characters has with each other is engaging and delicate - it was very difficult to stop watching. 

I regret that I do not have more time to write about each of these artists, as each of the videos held their own up against one another.  It was refreshing to see a set of videos that captured your eye for longer than a few moments and really asked for a deeper look into their creation and existence.  It was a lovely show. 

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