Gowanus Open Studios / Packing.

Gowanus Open Studios was this weekend!  I've never participated in this kind of event, a ton of artists in a single neighborhood opening up their work and studios for a huge number of people to browse and see.  It was an excellent place for learning how to talk about your work in a way that is relevant to the general public - which is always a handy tool to have. I was lucky enough to have my work presented near Lindsay and Jen, so it was fun to go through the entire experience with them.  I'm so grateful to the friends who came out. It was great to chat and spend some time with new people. 

I want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone at Brooklyn Art Space for all their wonderful help in all thing GOS related.  It's really amazing to have such a great community to be active within. Thanks Rhia and Abby!!

Today is a day for slowing down my mind. The biggest of tasks regarding preparation for Vermont are over and I've only got to finish up the work week - which I've decided should be as playful and least stressful as possible.  Today I've taken my time packing up my supplies for Vermont & pulling my Winter hat out of storage.  Oh! Tonight Fisk, Alex and I will be seeing our good & great friend Miss Jillian Green perform in Brooklyn!  So excited for this. 

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