Fisk and I drove to Vermont! We spent the night in Brattleboro where we swam in the pool, then hung out in the jacuzzi and sauna. Then we had a great meal at this cheesy named restaurant in the hotel Tavern - the food was excellent. Blackened swordfish & Walnut pecan pie. 

This morning we drove around a hill and this smiling face said hello. Or screamed at us, depending on how you perceive it. Or both. We finally made it to the Vermont Studio Center where everything is gorgeous. 

My studio is on the second floor of an old church, so there are nice colors on the walls from the stained glass.  I have a giant studio and I love it.  Tonight there is some sort of reception and then dinner!

It occurred to me when I was informed of no wifi in the houses that I will truly be able to make this time mine.  I'll be free from distractions to make as much work as I like. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting, maybe more, maybe less, maybe the same.  I'm so happy to be here. 

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