VSC Part 3: Open Studios

The Wednesday before our departure we had open studios where everyone could check out what was made.  Here are a few things I was able to snap a photo of.  It was great to see all the work everyone had made. 

Some messy and wonderful sculpture and painting by Julian Watts.

Drawing and sculpture by Stanley Matengwa.

Installation by Abbey Rich.

A painting by Virginia Crawford Pierrepont.

Collage materials/Painting/Button from the life of Jenny Endresen.

A fantastic sculpture by Nick Mayer.

A painting by Andrew Fish.

Some fun works by Tom Cote.

Portraits by Emma Fineman.

Lovely drawing and detail of a painting by Celan Bouillet.

Detail of a drawing by Hai-Hsin Huang.

A work by Nikita Gale.

My Magic Cactus Mural. 

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