Today was excellent because I cleaned up my studio, updated my website, and finished applying to Grad school.  Time for a celebratory blog post about what Fisk and I have been up to over the Christmas Holiday!
Aimee's going away party at FCB. We'll miss her!!
After escaping a man vomiting on the Subway: Snowman.
I wrapped presents for Fisky! 
We watched Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas.
Alise, Nate, Rautio, Ren, and I making Tamales!!
Masa for days. 
Chilis for days.
It took me 5 hours to scrape all this pulp from the Chilis. 
My sauce was perfect with the meat for filling tamales!
140+ tamales. Fisk made sure we all had enough booze.
Made a snow woman!!
We played fun games with friends!!
Eat a dick at 3:00pm. 
So excited to read these!  Love Fisk. 
Santa gave us Diablo III,  it was bloody, we've beat it already.
Best shirt in the world, from Fisk!
 Xmas lights we saw in Astoria at Mike & Laura's party.
This person wins at Christmas lights.
I love Christmas. 

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