BHQFU: Object Lessons Week 1

Last night was the first class for Object Lessons - a hybrid lecture series/reading group/seminar.  Each week will feature an artist or writer who will give a lecture about an interest integral to their practice or person.  Having Jarrett Earnest, a friend I first met in undergrad at SFAI, lead this wonderful experiment has been great so far, he led an active discussion yesterday about Johan Huizinga's study of Play, Homo Ludens.  The first chapter was our first reading, another aspect of this class that I'm looking forward to, a syllabus full of new things to read.  It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to jump on entirely new reading list. 

Jarrett has a beautiful way of describing the relationship artists/writers have with their interests, explaining that certain details however obscure or seemingly random are essential to their creative process.  Jarrett continued to talk about what interested him in creative people, how many times had they been in love?  The answers to questions like these are one of many ways artists and writers can shed light on the complexity of who they are. 

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