Getting Engaged/Bridal Shower/Israeli Food

Here is what Fisk and I look like together! 10 days ago John Fisk asked me to marry him, and because the last 2 years with him have been the most fun of my life, I of course said yes.  Anyone who knows Fisk will know why it was such an easy decision for me to say yes, he's simply the kindest, sincerest, and most caring person I've ever met.  We're so excited about this. 

Here is the ring our wonderful friend Rachel designed specifically for me, it's completely my style.  I adore Rachel's jewelry design, you can scope it out here.  It also feels amazingly special to have a one of kind ring.

Even more exciting news, my good friend Alex had her bridal shower! (She's the gorgeous red head on the far left!) I've never really been to one, so I had a great time getting a little dressed up and celebrating how wonderful she is!  Alex, Tiffany, and I used to play on a Skeeball team together - it was so nice to snag a photo of the three of us together again. 

Last night Fisk and I went over to our friends Deborah and Brandon's house.  We talked about having a seance and Ouija board night, among other odd and strange topics.  They're great and so was the Israeli food that Brandon made and the rice pudding that Deborah made.   I'm a lucky lady these days. 

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