February Meeting : Gowanus Swim Society


Nursing a cold inevitable makes me feel lazy, however obvious it is that resting is not being lazy.  This cold is properly timed because the weather has been pretty awful.  Today marks the 12th time it has snowed this year which makes it either the best or worst Winter NYC has had in a few years  Luckily for me the snow has remained novel enough to retain its excitement and I've been enjoying watching the various levels of flurries outside of my window.   

Monday night Gowanus Swim Society had their second meeting at the Sheep Station in Gowanus. The meeting was great - we met new members, each of us talked about and presented our work, we redefined our individual responsibilities, and talked about potential group exhibitions that we might have.  It sounds brief now that I write it out, but we talked about a lot and were able to get a firmer idea of how this new group collective would operate. 

Fisk has been kind enough to agree to make the logo for GSS, making him an honorary member.  I'm glad that he'll be able to participate in this group along with all the other amazing artists involved.  Fisk and I (but mostly myself) will be managing social media which we will be strategizing this weekend.  That's enough for now! 

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