Holly Coulis at Sardine

Saturday evening Fisk and I went to an opening at Sardine of work by Holly Coulis.  Her under paintings creep through final layers like hidden fauvist colors trying to break through, but are tamed by the well framed and familiar language of still life.  Her marks and subject have an irresistible connection to Giorgio Morandi, where brush strokes are efficiently used to create shape and dimension that is full of subtle detail.  These two seemingly opposing styles create works that have personality and humorous dimensionality.  Coulis creates a marvelous harmony between vivid color and sedentary subject matter creating works that are active and full of energy.  These paintings are a treat and I would encourage everyone to see the show. 
Holly Coulis PITCHERS
286 Stanhope St. Ground Floor
Brooklyn NY 11237
Saturday & Sunday 1 - 6 pm

The show is up through March 2nd, 2014. 

Photos courtesy of John Fisk.

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