Highlights from Volta & The Armory

George Condo
Ross Chisholm
Carl Johan Högberg
Vicky Wright
Shinichi Maruyama
Hayal Pozanti
Austin Lee 
Alyson Shotz
Mary Heilmann
Chris Martin
Michael John Kelley
Hans Witschi
Will Schneider-White
This years Volta/Armory situation felt exactly the same as last years.  If not more ridiculous with the Armory's champagne carts wheeling around to make sure people didn't forget that this was a high class event.  The biggest difference was that Will had work at Volta.  It's always nice to a see a friend doing well. 

When Fisk and I go to Art Fairs we like to play this game:

Number of annoyed looking gallerists: 12
Number of works with gratuitous neon paint: 9
Number of works with neon: 10
Number of works made of garbage or made to look like garbage: 6
Number of works with badly done type: 7
Number of works with glitter: 9
Number of works featuring mirrors: 15
Number of simple line drawing works: 13

Good scores, and we were only counting at the Armory for about an hour and a half! 

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