Trestle Gallery Art Talk: William Villalongo / Justin Sayre at BHQFU

Last week Trestle Gallery hosted an art talk featuring Yale Professor William Villalongo.  Villalongo was kind and thoughtful while explaining the contents of his work, it was a pleasure to hear how his work developed and what motivated him.  I asked Villalongo if he had a favorite work of art at the moment, and after listing a few of his colleagues, he elaborated and stated he mostly enjoys images that show him something he has not seen before.  That our culture is so image heavy, it's most satisfying to see a combination of elements that create an unpredictable image. 

On April 6th we had our 11th week of Object Lessons at the BHQFU featuring playwright and actor Justin Sayre.  For this class we were required to read A Streetcar Named Desire.  I had never read the play before so it was incredible to follow along this narrative about love and possession.  Sayre was incredibly charming and fun to have in class, he told many stories, and explained how and why this play is so relevant to his life.  I will be keeping an eye out for his next production or performance. 

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