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Despite my lack of posts things have been incredibly busy this month, so I'll play a little bit of catch up..

Our last class of Object Lessons, taught by Jarrett Earnest, featured the artist Lisa Yuskavage. Lisa'a paintings are incredible, having seen them many times in person, I was very much looking forward to listening to the artist behind the work.  For this last class we were to go to the Frick and see the Bellini painting St. Francis in the Desert,  watch the Jerry Seinfeld documentary Comedian, and watch a clip on youtube of Nina Simone singing Feelings - all three of which I would recommend doing for the sake of wonderfully experiencing a group of seemingly arbitrary things.  

In class we drank bellinis and listened to Lisa talk about a variety of subjects.  She spoke of the difficulty of making work that you yourself liked versus making beautiful/good paintings, the construction of painting as emotion, and how painting can be a psychic conversation. 

There are some people in life who like to help others by sharing their knowledge of life and Lisa is definitely one of them.  Lisa seemed genuinely sincere in describing her trials as an artist, a type of honesty that is always a favorite of mine.  Jarrett did an excellent job curating a list of artists with a wide sense of taste and tactfully relevant to many complicated and engaging issues in the contemporary world. 

Detail of a work by Dani Tull
Dani Tull, Eye (tabula rasa), 2014
Two weeks ago Deborah and I went to check out a show at On Stellar Rays called, 13 Essential Rules for Understanding the World, featuring work by Zipora Fried, Basim Magdy, Nabil Nahas, & Dani Tull.  I was inclined to go so I could say hello to Dani, the artist who taught the Unconventional Aesthetics course I took last Summer, and I hate to miss an opportunity to see an artist's work I admire in person.  The richness of color in Dani's work created a patina of depth while the encaustic brought your attention right back to the surface.  Sigils were one clue towards the content of the space between surface and eternity.  I only snapped a few photos but the show is up until June 21st, (On Stellar Rays, 1 Rivington Street New York, NY 10002) & highly recommended.  

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