Recent Happenings/New Jobs

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Rebecca! From my birthday sleepover this year. 
“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” ― Allen Saunders

Generally I've never been a fan of sentiments like these, for the most part I've been naive enough to imagine that all the plans I make were bound to come true.  I just turned 27 and if there was anything I learned in my 26th year, it was how silly I was to believe that I had that much control.

I spent a good deal of my Winter (most of it) preparing applications for Grad school, only to get wait listed and eventually not accepted into a program this time around.  After about two weeks of feeling sorry for myself New York City decided to make it clear to me that I was not meant to leave just yet, and rewarded my hard work with two new jobs, both of which I'm very excited about. 

I'm the new front office manager for Nu Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn.  Stepping back into Hospitality feels good, and even better after meeting all the wonderful and sincere people working at Nu Hotel.

Second, I'll be working part time as the PR Manager for Brooklyn Art Space and Trestle Gallery.  I love the community of artists surrounding both these spaces so it really is a joy for me to be able to work there.  It's also the first position that ties my administrative skills with art - a direction I'd like to keep moving in. 

I've also recently started working out, something I've never really tried, and so far exercising feels great! I've also fixed up my bike and have been biking to work which reminds me of Portland, OR in the sweetest way.

Still humming away at some new work, but it's in a hiding stage for the moment, with luck it will reappear when I've completed a new body of thoughtful works. And GSS has been swimming just fine, which reminds me that I've got to do some significant research on Mermaids...

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