A Subtlety, OR The Marvelous Sugar Baby

Fisk and I went to see Kara Walker's incredible work of art at the soon to be demolished Domino Sugar Factory last weekend.  This installation was not only visually remarkable, but the smell of the sugar on the walls and in the air was engulfing.  The sheer size of the white sugar sculpture was amazing to see, and nearly impossible to comprehend how such a work could have been made.  The melting and distorted bodies of the child sugar sculptures were grotesque and captivating.  It's works like these that make me feel so grateful to be living where I am. 

This work is up for one more weekend, so if you live near Brooklyn, you should check it out this Saturday or Sunday. For more details


A Gowanus Swim Society Sneak Peek

This last weekend Gowanus Swim Society went out to explore Governor's Island for an upcoming project we have in September.  If you pay attention to art related activities then you probably know exactly what we're gearing up for, but just in case you don't - we'll let it be a little/big surprise to share later.  We're missing a couple members from these photos, but they look great nonetheless. Photo credits go to our member John Azelvandre.


Jodorowsky Obsession

These are two books I've finished reading lately, clearly I've been on a Jodorowsky tear. Psychomagic was incredible, and if ever you wanted to understand how banal existence is while realizing you are completely capable of changing your entire world then this is the book for you.  The way Jodorowsky talks about dreams and healing is really beyond comprehension, but really that's the point - Jodorowsky is aiming to speak to your subconscious, because he believes that your subconscious is in control of your life, so you have to sometimes trick/heal your own subconscious, to get you out of your funk.  Reading this book has led to a lot of wildly entertaining conversations between Fisk and I, and mostly has ended with my having a dream that the only way I can protect my mind from trickery is by holding a tiny black dog with an pale aquamarine coat on. This has led to me to thinking that maybe I should adopt a little black whippet and buy it a pale aquamarine coat, it's a comforting feeling, bizarre at it is. 

After that I really wanted to read more about Jodorowsky's own stories so I read his comic called The White Lama.  It was a wonderful story about how the most unlikely person can be a savior to an entire race of people.  Also it's pretty gory and the illustrations are great so it was satisfying to me.  It's all fun, serious, mystical, magical, and full of passion and humor - like most things Jodorowsky is involved with. 


Recent Studio Work: Anasyrma.

I was thinking about the Epic of Gilgamesh and for some reason it reminded me of the idea of anasyrma. So I made a few water color studies about the idea to further develop a technique I'm working on.  The good news is I don't think I'll have to make studies anymore, because I've got the technique down for the larger works on paper that I'm going to start this Fall. I say this Fall because I'm currently working on a project for Gowanus Swim Society that will be shown this September (more details about that later!), I have a couple of short shows happening this Summer, along with my 2 week West Coast vacation with Fisk, and finally ending with Gowanus Open Studios in October. It's just really busy, but in the best ways. 

All works are colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylic on paper.

Anasyrma 3

Anasyrma 2

Anasyrma 1

Anasyrma 4


Summer Art Show Party 2014

My friend Hannah, Fisk, and I will have work at this one night only art party, it should be fun!  Come out and say hello and have a drink with us next Thursday. 

Performance by Walter Band
Presented by Herbert Fox

Thursday, June 26th, 2014
7-10:30pm Complimentary Admission
54 West 39th Street
New York, NY 10018

So many more things are happening than this, but there isn't time to talk about them! 

xo Natalie