Jodorowsky Obsession

These are two books I've finished reading lately, clearly I've been on a Jodorowsky tear. Psychomagic was incredible, and if ever you wanted to understand how banal existence is while realizing you are completely capable of changing your entire world then this is the book for you.  The way Jodorowsky talks about dreams and healing is really beyond comprehension, but really that's the point - Jodorowsky is aiming to speak to your subconscious, because he believes that your subconscious is in control of your life, so you have to sometimes trick/heal your own subconscious, to get you out of your funk.  Reading this book has led to a lot of wildly entertaining conversations between Fisk and I, and mostly has ended with my having a dream that the only way I can protect my mind from trickery is by holding a tiny black dog with an pale aquamarine coat on. This has led to me to thinking that maybe I should adopt a little black whippet and buy it a pale aquamarine coat, it's a comforting feeling, bizarre at it is. 

After that I really wanted to read more about Jodorowsky's own stories so I read his comic called The White Lama.  It was a wonderful story about how the most unlikely person can be a savior to an entire race of people.  Also it's pretty gory and the illustrations are great so it was satisfying to me.  It's all fun, serious, mystical, magical, and full of passion and humor - like most things Jodorowsky is involved with. 

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