As we enjoy the 3rd weekend of September, I guess now would be a good time for me to include a couple of photos I took during the first weekend of the Governors Island Art Fair.  Most of the work was good to great, with some artists using the oddness of the space much better than others. The state of decay of the houses were beneficial to the work of some artists, however not to others who simply used the space as a gallery.  It was really enjoyable to browse each of the houses to see how rooms were tackled. There's a good lesson about creating work for a specific context in all this, but I won't bore you with details about that, I can say it's important to consider how the location of a place can dictate the way a work of art is perceived.  Also, pardon the terrible photos, clearly Fisk is the better photographer between the two of us, and I was moping around with a sore mouth snapping these.

Will Kurtz

Will Kurtz

Jed Miner

Sui Park

Sui Park

Alice Sfintesco

A couple photos from SUBMERGED by the Gowanus Swim Society:  Submerged was a group effort by the collective to create works that all related to the Gowanus Canal in some way. One goal was to bring awareness to the continual efforts made to rehabilitate the watershed area, while another goal was create a space for each of us to experiment with an installation.  Most of us went beyond our normal practices to really consider what kind of space we had been given. 

Abbie Groff

Suzy Kopf

Jen Dwyer

Natalie Lomeli

There were beautifully tall trees on Governors Island!

Installing the show with friends was a lot of fun despite all the unplanned things that happen in situations like these.  It was great to see how GSS came together to create a room that was cohesive yet informative about the Gowanus Canal.  Governors Island is just a great little ferry ride away, and really feels like you're stepping back into old world New York.  It was wonderful to be around such tall trees and rich greenery. Governors Island is in the process of being remodeled and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's completely done.  

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