Sleep No More

A sneaky photo of the creepy lounge.

Last week our friends Brad and Vanessa were in town, so Fisk decided to surprise us all with a special trip to Sleep No More. I had heard about Sleep No More when I first moved to NYC, so I was thrilled to finally be able to go. This interactive dance performance was one of the creepiest things I've ever experienced. 

When we first arrived, we waited in a long line outside the door. Once we left the Chelsea streets we entered this dark entryway to bag check before proceeding to collect our keys to check into the hotel.  Once we received our keys, we followed a somewhat unnecessary and pitch black maze where I was sure a creepy monster was going to jump out at any moment. Once out of the maze, we had apparently transported back in time because suddenly we were at a 1920's bar where they were serving absinthe cocktails and a cute betty boop style lounge singer was serenading us. 

We downed a quick cocktail before we were called, given a speech about the nature of the show and given a mask to hide our identities. We took an elevator up, left our lives behind, and entered a nearly 3 hour multi-floor performance that included a wide variety of scenes.  We were essentially free to wander all the sets, walking in or out of various action scenes, which was cool once your initial senses were comfortable with the fact that you were pretty much in your own version of the shining.  
Highlights were the Satanic birthing scene where a naked man was dancing in rave with a goat's head on his head and casually walking back to the candy room to eat licorice and gummy flavored treats. It was not a night to be forgotten.  The website does not do the experience justice, but you can find more information here.  

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