While My Mouth was Bleeding

Being in pain for two weeks can really dampen your attitude, here are the things I watched to cheer myself up:
American Horror Story Season 1
This was psychologically weird, a little cheesy at times (but that's okay it's TV horror!), and gruesome enough to make all the melodrama worth it. A lot of good make up and plot twists that weren't hokey. It also incorporated most Amityville style plot lines to create a series of relationships that were psychotic and engaging.

American Horror Story: Asylum
Asylum! I enjoyed this season better than the first, but only because I found it to be scarier. Electroshock therapy is one of the scariest things that can happen to a person in my opinion, and this was ripe with things like that. The writers somehow found a way to work in a plot about Nazis which I found to be hilarious for some reason, mostly because it's like the go to for any source of evil, but for good reason. Zachary Quinto is one of the sexiest killers of all time, which probably says something important about American culture - but that's a thesis project for another time. Also I'm sure most creative writing majors in LA have that topic covered.

Basket Case 2 (1990)
This was a really strange movie. Two brothers are on the run, one of which is a monster that looks like a rotten pile of skin and bones. There's an awful sex scene between the pile of skin monster and another female pile of skin monster that turns this film into something from another dimension. I didn't see the first Basket Case, nor the 3rd because this was fucking enough. *Fisk would like me to add that the these were not monsters, but that they were people. Apparently that was the point of the movie.

Frankenhooker (1990)
This was fun. Fat girlfriend gets chopped up by a fancy lawnmower, Dr. Frankenstein like boyfriend keeps her head preserved, kills a bunch of hookers to make a sexy body and attaches her head. Mayhem ensues when his girlfriend wakes up and takes the subway back to NYC to turn some tricks. There's also a great scene where a bunch of hookers blow up.

True Detective
THE YELLOW KING. If you had any doubt that Matthew McConaughey knew how to act, this will blow your mind. Full of evil and the occult with a lot of wise and hilarious one liners that really take the edge of an incredibly dark series. Lovecraftian. 

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